Welcome to SeasideSMP's official web-store! Here, you have the option to purchase ranks, crate keys, and donate to a staff member(s) of your choice. Details of each purchasable item have been listed below the titles for your convenience.

SeasideSMP is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server with ocean-themed ranks, a diverse community, and interactive plugins such as:

  • Golden shovel claiming,
  • Player-run economy, shops, and auctions,
  • Creative plots,
  • 1v1 duels,
  • Parkour,
  • mcMMO,
  • Silktouch spawners,
  • RTP,
  • Majority sleeping,
  • Crates,
  • Vote rewards.

All players have the option to disable and enable PVP at any time to avoid taking damage from other players. This means that the only thing you ought to look out for are the monsters lurking in the darkness of the night. SeasideSMP is perfect for players who love to build, create towns and communities, and have a passion for making new friends!

SeasideSMP strives to maintain a fun and safe environment for all players. We are an inclusive and friendly community with a zero tolerance policy. If at any point you feel unhappy or unsafe, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff on our official Discord (https://discord.gg/3xft6URzC5).

Need help with an order? Contact us at seasidesmp@gmail.com or create a ticket on our Discord and one of our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


SeasideSMP is not affiliated with Mojang or Minecraft.